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Types of nail polish

Nail polish has become a cosmetic art used by girls and women to get a neat and beautiful form of hands and fingers. Cosmetic manufacturers have taken advantage of the widespread demand for nail polish by creating a variety of nail polish to increase their profits, Female in decorating their nails.

Types of nail polish


This type of nail polish in its bright colors and clearly visible in the dark, because they are within the colors of ultraviolet light, but it is difficult to remove it by normal methods by the use of acetone; it must be removed soak nails with acetone strong for a quarter of a minimum to be able to get rid of it afterwards Dry cotton.

Reinforcing nail polish

This type of nail polish is transparent white, and is intended to strengthen weak and thin nails and fill the gaps in them, in order to get nails straight and straight without gaps, in order to facilitate the nail polish after that color paint beautifully and neatly.

Colorful nail polish

It comes in a variety of colors including light colors, dark colors, transparent colors, and is in bright colors uniform or a combination of bright colors within the same package of nail polish, usually the nail polish the same color or by combining more than one color on the same nail , Or draw some of the drawings on the nails in proportion to the desire of the girl.

Islamic nail polish

The title of the Islamic is easy to remove when washed with water or by a handkerchief with the tip of the finger or using a towel, where this type of nail polish was made for the need to remove before ablution so that ablution is true and acceptance of prayer from God; there are many fatwas that linked the invalidity of ablution Nail polish is a barrier that prevents water from reaching the nails.

There is an Islamic nail polish in two forms: liquid, and another in the form of stickers affixed to the nails.

Water nail polish

It is often used in this type of colored nail polish, so that the paint on the surface of the water in the form of small points, and distributed and formed using matchstick to take a certain shape, soak the nail in the water to stick to the nail polish, and often the paint multiple and overlapping Colors are beautiful and neat.

Velvet nail polish

This type of paint gives the colors of the velvet of the nails, and through the nail paint a certain color of the paint, and then sprayed before drying with powder eye shadow.

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